Tnsnames in one place Great solution to keep many databases in order - all your connection strings are managed and served from centralized location. No more need to synchronize them among dozens of servers and workstations. Read more
Enterprise ready Tnsadmin supports High Availability - no single point of failure when installed on multiple servers. With built-in replication to different locations, your remote clients may have the fastest possible response. Read more
Web management Manage connection strings easily and securely - with web management console. Read more

Stop synchronizing tnsnames.ora files to dozen of workstations and servers!

Single source of truth

Every client gets same connection data from a central LDAP directory.

When update of connection string is needed, it is done in one place only. All clients get new information from this point.

Cost reduction

Your users don't need to synchronize every change to their local tnsnames.ora manually.

Web management application validates connection string format and so reduces human mistakes.

Proven technologies

Tnsadmin is built around OpenLDAP - highly reliable directory server with advanced features.

Java, Spring framework and GWT are core components for web management gui.

Try TNSADMIN for free today - and see how it can simplify your work