Install TNSadmin Web Manager GUI on Linux (RHEL 6, Centos 6, OUL 6)

This will guide you through installation of TNSadmin Web Manager GUI on your linux server.

1. (Optional) Download and install Oracle JAVA 7

If you don't already have Java 7 on your server, download Java SE 7 JRE from and install to a location like /opt/java

2. Create tnsadmin user and installation directory

TNSadmin Web Manager GUI will run under user with limited privileges. This is generally a good security practice.

Run as root:
useradd tnsadmin
mkdir /opt/tnsadmin-web
chown tnsadmin: /opt/tnsadmin-web
3. Switch to tnsadmin user, download and extract application

su - tnsadmin
cd /opt/tnsadmin-web
tar xvfz tnsadmin-web-latest.tar.gz
Create symlink for extracted application
ln -s /opt/tnsadmin-web/tnsadmin-web-VERSION /opt/tnsadmin-web/current

4. Modify configuration

There are several configuration files in /opt/tnsadmin-web/current/conf folder.

copy tnsadmin.conf.sample to tnsadmin.conf

  • set to domains in your LDAP server, separate multiple domains with comma
  • set oracle.ldap.* to LDAP server with TNS records
  • by default, authentication is set to fixed local account - tnsadmin/mypassword
modify listening ports, if ports 8080 and 8005 are already taken
  • open file server.xml and set Server and Connector ports

This is the basic configuration you need to do to start application correctly. For more configuration options, check TNSadmin Web Manager configuration options

5. (Optional) Install license file

If you have an Enteprise License file, put it into /opt/tnsadmin-web/current/conf/tnsadmin.licence.
Without license file, you will be limited to manage only 10 database records.

6. Set up init script
As root
cp /opt/tnsadmin-web/current/conf/tnsadmin-init-rhel.sample /etc/init.d/tnsadmin-web
/sbin/chkconfig tnsadmin-web on

Open /etc/init.d/tnsadmin-web and check some variables if necessary

  • JAVA_HOME must point to your JAVA installation
  • TOMCAT_HOME is your TNSadmin Web Manager GUI install path (/opt/tnsadmin-web/current)
  • RUNAS is your system account under which application is running

7. Start application
Start application with
/etc/init.d/tnsadmin-web start
And check log files at